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Research interests
  1. Cheng Zhang*, Vu Dinh* and Frederick A. Matsen IV (2018).
    Non-bifurcating phylogenetic inference via the adaptive lasso.

  2. Binh T. Nguyen, Vu Dinh, Duy Nguyen and Lam Si Tung Ho (2018).
    Posterior concentration and fast convergence rates for generalized Bayesian learning.

  3. Cuong Nguyen, Lam Ho, Huan Xu, Vu Dinh and Binh Nguyen (2018).
    Bayesian pool-based active learning with abstention feedbacks. arxiv

Journal papers and refereed proceedings
  1. Lam Ho, Vu Dinh and Cuong Nguyen (2019).
    Multi-task learning improves ancestral state reconstruction.
    Theoretical Population Biology.

  2. Vu Dinh*, Lam Si Tung Ho*, Marc A. Suchard and Frederick A. Matsen IV.
    Consistency and convergence of phylogenetic inference with species tree regularization.
    The Annals of Statistics 46.4 (2018): 1481-1512 arxiv

  3. Binh T. Nguyen, Duy M. Nguyen, Lam S. T. Ho and Vu Dinh (2018).
    OASIS: An active learning framework for set inversion.
    International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques.
    This paper wins the Best Paper Award at the 17th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques (SoMeT 2018, Granada, Spain, September 2018).

  4. Vu Dinh, Aaron E. Darling and Frederick A. Matsen IV.
    Online Bayesian phylogenetic inference: theoretical foundations via Sequential Monte Carlo.
    Systematic Biology 67.3 (2018) 503–517 arxiv

  5. Mathieu Fourment, Brian C. Claywell, Vu Dinh, Connor McCoy, Frederick A. Matsen IV and Aaron E. Darling.
    Effective online Bayesian phylogenetics via Sequential Monte Carlo with guided proposals.
    Systematic Biology 67.3 (2018) 490–502 arxiv

  6. Brian C. Claywell, Vu Dinh, Mathieu Fourment, Connor O. McCoy and Frederick A. Matsen IV.
    A surrogate function for one-dimensional phylogenetic likelihoods.
    Molecular Biology and Evolution 35.1 (2018), 242-246 arxiv

  7. Owen G. Rehrauer, Vu Dinh, Bharat R. Mankani, Gregery T. Buzzard, Bradley Lucier and Dor Ben-Amotz (2016).
    Binary-complementary compressive filters for Raman spectroscopy.
    Applied Spectroscopy 72.1 (2018), 69-78.

  8. Vu Dinh*, Arman Bilge*, Cheng Zhang* and Frederick A. Matsen IV.
    Probabilistic path Hamiltonian Monte Carlo.
    International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2017). arxiv

  9. Vu Dinh and Frederick A. Matsen IV.
    The shape of the one-dimensional phylogenetic likelihood function.
    The Annals of Applied Probability 27.3 (2017): 1646-1677. pdf

  10. Ankush Chakrabarty, Vu Dinh, Martin Corless, Ann E. Rundell, Stanislaw H. Zak and Gregery T. Buzzard.
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    IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control 62.1 (2017): 135-148. link

  11. Vu Dinh, Ann E. Rundell and Gregery T. Buzzard.
    Convergence of Griddy Gibbs sampling and other perturbed Markov chains.
    Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 88.7 (2017): 1379-1400. link

  12. Vu Dinh, Lam Si Tung Ho, Binh T. Nguyen, Duy Nguyen.
    Fast learning rates with heavy-tailed losses.
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2016). pdf

  13. Vu Dinh*, Lam Si Tung Ho*, Nguyen Viet Cuong, Duy Nguyen and Binh T. Nguyen.
    Learning from non-iid data: fast rates for the one-vs-all multiclass plug-in classifiers.
    Theory and Applications of Models of Computation (TAMC 2015). arxiv

  14. Vu Dinh, Ann E. Rundell and Gregery T. Buzzard.
    Experimental design for dynamic identification of cellular processes.
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    Robust explicit nonlinear model predictive control with integral sliding mode.
    American Control Conference (ACC 2014). pdf

  17. Nguyen Viet Cuong, Lam Si Tung Ho and Vu Dinh.
    Generalization and robustness of batched weighted average algorithm with V-geometrically ergodic Markov data.
    Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT 2013). pdf

  18. Nguyen Viet Cuong, Vu Dinh and Lam Si Tung Ho.
    Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients for eye movement identification.
    IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 2012).

  19. Jeffrey P. Perley, Judith Mikolajczak, Vu Dinh, Marietta L. Harrison, Gregery T. Buzzard and Ann E. Rundell.
    Systematically manipulating T-cell signaling dynamics via multiple model informed open-loop controller design.
    IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2012).

  20. Duong Minh Duc*, Ho Si Tung Lam*, Nguyen Quang Thang* and Dinh Cao Duy Thien Vu*.
    On Harnack's inequality for non-uniformly p-Laplacian equations.
    Acta Mathematica Vietnamica. 36.2 (2011):199-214 . pdf